Your Business Can Be The Strategically Placed At The Top of Google And Other Major Search Engine Pages Today!

Pay-Per-Click Advertising is a sponsored listing found in the prime real estate sections on search engine result pages. Google presently dominates the search engine market with over 66% of all searches being conducted, while Yahoo and MSN/BING hold 14.5% and 10.9% respectively. The remaining percentages are scattered amongst second tier search engines such as

Did You Know That Over 550 Million Searches Are Conducted Daily In The Us Alone?

Prospective customers are online right now searching for the products or services you offer. Your company can advertise on Google and other major search engines in your local area or abroad on a Pay-Per-Click basis. This means each and every click is accounted for and results can be measured based on performance. The days of blindly advertising in print, radio and television are over in the Internet age through the use of analytics tools. Some of you reading this may be thinking that PPC campaigns are too competitive or that your previous attempts failed.

If you think that Pay-Per-Click Advertising will not work for you we challenge you to put us to the test and let our PPC experts develop and deploy a campaign that will bring you results. Not all PPC campaigns are created alike. At Axxoo we have pioneered the search engine marketing strategies employed to yield results in even the most competitive markets such as diet and dating websites. Allow us to work with your marketing manager or website developer to demonstrate how our PPC Advertising strategies can yield positive results for you.

PPC Advertising Benefits:

  • Target your ads specifically to people who are looking for your products or services.
  • Geographically Target your ads.
  • Set your budget and per click fees daily – No minimum ad spend required.
  • Decide what time you wish your ads to run.
  • All clicks are accounted for and measured for performance.
  • Split test different ad copy to determine which ads perform better.
  • Take the guesswork out of advertising and let the data decide what actions to take.
  • Search engine ‘Content Network’ affiliations expose your ads in major websites (i.e.,,, etc…)

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